Press Release: George Floyd Global Memorial to Present Global Day of Prayer for Justice for George Floyd and Black Liberation

George Floyd Global Memorial

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Minneapolis, MN February 22, 2021—The George Floyd Global Memorial and the community

at George Floyd Square will host an interfaith Day of Prayer for Justice for George Floyd and

Black Liberation on March 8th, 2021.The community will gather in-person at George Floyd

Square beginning at 8am CST for a socially-distanced day of prayers and petitions from faith

leaders and community members throughout the day, and will culminate in a candlelight vigil at

6pm CST.

Portions of the day’s events will be live streamed for supporters around the world to offer

prayers for Justice for George Floyd and for Black Liberation, in their own ways and through

their own faith traditions, as an act of love and solidarity. Information for how to participate

virtually will be updated periodically at

The events of May 25th, 2020 sparked a global awakening of the collective human

consciousness around racial injustice in the United States and around the world. This call for a

global reckoning was ignited when George Perry Floyd uttered his last words, a cry to heaven—

and to his mother, as a Minneapolis Police officer pressed his knee to his neck for nearly nine

minutes and ended his life.

What few around the world may know, is that in the months since his murder, community

members have gathered daily and volunteered to maintain George Floyd’s memorial at George

Floyd Square, situated at 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The community has

lovingly cared for each other, visitors, and every item left at the site where Mr. Floyd took his last


From teddy bears, hand-written notes, drawings by children, candles, flowers, cardboard signs,

to public art, the preservation of the physical site has allowed those from around the world to

continue to visit the Memorial, present offerings of support or expressions of grief, share food

and supplies, COVID-19 testing, elevate the community through youth programming and

events, and begin to heal from the trauma of global racial injustice for the past 8 months. Their

dedication has been an inspiration and a source of encouragement for those who knew and

loved him.

The world knows him as George Floyd, but his family knows him by his middle name: Perry.

Perry moved to Minneapolis three years ago to build a new life and his Aunt, Angela Harrelson,

the George Floyd Global Memorial Co-Chair, looked forward to having him in

Minnesota. Angela made a promise to his mother, Sissy, that she would be there for him and

that commitment continues to this day.

Before her nephew’s death, she felt people didn’t want to talk about racism, but now, she’s

encouraged because there’s an ongoing conversation occurring around the world. Angela is

sharing his story throughout the United States, keeping the kind-hearted spirit of her gentle,

beloved nephew alive, and doing her part to continue in the fight against racism and oppression.

Minnesota has been her home since 1998. When reflecting upon her nephew, Angela remarks,

"When Perry decided to make his home here, his presence was special. He is missed dearly by

his friends & family who will continue to be a voice for him. We must not let his death be his last



On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was murdered at the hands of the Minneapolis Police

Department. The video footage that captured his death sparked global outrage, protests, calls

for justice, and outpourings of grief.

At the intersection of 38th Street E and Chicago Avenue S in Minneapolis, MN, people come

from all over the world to stand in solidarity for racial justice, express their pain and hope, and

pay respect to the names of people who died unjust deaths. These offerings continue to be

received and tended to by local community members (caretakers) with support from local

organizations like the Pillsbury House and Theater and the Midwest Art Conservation Center.

The George Floyd Global Memorial is established to bring together members of George Floyd's

family and the local community to preserve these creative expressions of pain and hope of the

people for the people. Our work is to ensure that the stories of the community are told and used

as educational resources for generations to come. The George Floyd Global Memorial is and

will continue to be a living memorial that inspires all people to pursue justice.

George Floyd Global Memorial is an approved 501(c)(3)


Press Release: George Floyd Global Memorial Million Donor Campaign and New Fellowship

November 8, 2020

Contact: Jeanelle Austin


George Floyd Global Memorial Million Donor Campaign and New Fellowship

Preserving our history and telling our stories in unprecedented ways.

Minneapolis, MN. George Floyd Global Memorial is launching a Million Donor Campaign and partnering with the Midwest Arts Conservation Center to offer a new Fellowship in Racial Justice Collections Care. Support the memorial by being one of one million people to donate to the George Floyd Global Memorial. As a community, we are building our own institution from the ground up to tell our own stories. In doing so, we push against the constructs of racism that have historically denied BIPOC communities control of their own narratives. Your contribution will allow the community to meet the pressing needs of acquiring equipment, supplies, and needed personnel to properly care for the offerings through winter and beyond. To donate or learn more about the fellowship, go to

On May 25, 2020, George Perry Floyd was lynched by the Minneapolis Police Department just steps away from the intersection of 38th Street East and Chicago Avenue South. In response to this atrocity, people continue to come from across the world to pay respect, lay expressions of pain and hope as offerings, and grieve the ongoing violence against black bodies. Offering contributions to the memorial continue to be welcomed and tended to by volunteer caretakers.

Today, as you enter the barricaded intersection from the north gate and walk in the direction of the large fist flying the pan-African flag, your body enters the Mourning Passage, which is a street mural that lists 168 names of people unjustly murdered by police. As you move through the space mindfully, you will also notice a greenhouse and a community garden. Turn and pause. Take in the 12’ x 12’ black and white mural of George Floyd affixed to a bus shelter that was recently set on fire, destroying most of the offerings in it. When you arrive at the area marked by a ring of offerings, a distinct canopy, and a row of flowers underneath, you’ve come to the place where George Floyd took his last breath. Over 2500 offerings of street art, drawings by children, protest signs, rocks, letters, paintings, flowers, and meaningful gifts transformed this intersection into a sacred site. People all over the world built the memorial, and we welcome everyone to support our preservation of history and storytelling in this unprecedented way.

It could take a museum several years to build a collection of the magnitude to which we have grown. In five months, the caretakers of the memorial offerings have outgrown their temporary conservation room, kindly provided by the Pillsbury House & Theater and supported by the Midwest Arts Conservation Center. Your generosity will ensure that the stories of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue are preserved and told for posterity. In the words of Ms. Angela Harrelson and Ms. Paris Stevens, family of George Floyd and Cochairs of the Board for the George Floyd Global Memorial: “We must not let his death be his last word. Keep walking the walk.”

Press Release: George Floyd Global Memorial Launches in Minneapolis

October 15, 2020

Family and community members honor George Floyd with a new nonprofit organization

Minneapolis, MN. George Floyd would have turned 47 years old on October 14, and in his honor, the formation of the George Floyd Global Memorial (the Memorial) was announced by Angela Harrelson, Paris Stevens, and Jeanelle Austin in front of the black and white portrait of George Floyd near the place where George Floyd breathed his last breath.

Reflecting on the event, Ms. Harrelson and Ms. Stevens offer these words to the community: “We would like to thank the community for the love and support you've shown, Perry (George Floyd). It is clear that you are not only a community but family. The outpour of offerings that people leave at the memorial represent their condolences in the ongoing pursuit for justice. The offerings are genuine expressions of compassion, loyalty, and their commitment, which is priceless.”

The Memorial board will be co-chaired by Ms. Harrelson and Ms. Stevens. Ms. Harrelson, an aunt of George Floyd, is one of his mother’s sisters. She resides in Eagan, MN and started engaging in the work to preserve the offerings around late July. She is passionate about building an organization that will govern the care for the offerings and invest in the local community. She always tells people, “Don’t let his death be his last word.” The Memorial will support what already exists and continues to be cared for by the local community.

Ms. Stevens joined the work of forming the Memorial in August. From Charlotte, NC, she is a first cousin of George Floyd. Her mother is also a sister to George Floyd’s mother. While telling her own story of relation to Mr. Floyd, Ms. Stevens became emotional. In reference to seeking justice, she inspired the crowd by saying, “Keep walking the walk.”

Ms. Austin started caretaking by picking up trash, straightening flowers, and repositioning offerings so that visitors to her neighborhood could experience the stories each offering told during the Minneapolis Uprising. In addition to supporting the growth of the newly formed nonprofit, she will continue to guide the caretakers’ work on the street to preserve everyone’s offering and curate space for the community to tell its own stories.

There are over 15 wonderful caretakers from the immediate community who volunteer their time to tend to the multiple memorials surrounding the intersection and ensure that astonishing works that the people have offered are not discarded. Caretaking work is supported through generous donations, including use of space at the Pillsbury House and Theater and guidance from the Midwest Arts Conservation Center to conserve the offerings.

The George Floyd Global Memorial exists to conserve stories of resistance to racial injustice and to curate spaces for all people to grieve, pay respect, and be a voice for justice. The vision is to bring community development in Minneapolis and inspire people to pursue racial justice around the world.