Everything is Somebody’s Offering

A Rememory Exhibit at Orchestra Hall

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was lynched by the Minneapolis Police Department at the corner of 38th & Chicago. In response to this atrocity, people from all over Minneapolis and the world came together to offer creative expressions of pain and hope as protest and public grief. Offerings were given to this space at 38th & Chicago to remember the names of many who died unjustly before and after George Floyd took his last breath. In effort to care for each person’s offering, community members, known as Caretakers, tend to the memorial and continue to work to preserve our collective story of protest. Every offering is treated with dignity. No offering is thrown away.

The offerings in this rememory experience are spaced out so we can remember that each offering was brought to the memorial as a single form of protest. Each offering carries its own energy, protest story, and power. This exhibit is a small selection from and an extension of the memorial you witness outdoors at George Floyd Square (E 38th Street & Chicago Ave S.). Allow yourself to feel. Allow yourself to remember. Allow yourself to be moved to continue the work of racial justice.

Join us at Orchestra Hall - 1111 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis MN 55403. Free and open to the public from May 19-21, 9:30-5pm and during performances of Joel Thompson's Seven Last Words of the Unarmed.