May 25-27, 2023

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Your Contribution Matters!

Calling all Angels.  We are a humble organization built from the sweat, tears, and hard work of the community and visitors from around the world. The work is grassroots. We've relied on the generosity of community volunteers and neighborhood organizations to support our work over the past year. 

We hope you'll consider supporting our long-term vision for the care of George Floyd's Memorial. We are looking for community donors who wish to support our vision for growth and sustainability: a permanent home for the growing collection of offerings, a full-time staff, and continue to offer a community space for racial justice education while contributing to the economic growth of the neighborhood at 38th & Chicago.

The George Floyd Global Memorial is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit in Minnesota. 

Donate online or by check are made payable to "George Floyd Global Memorial" by mail, C/O Jeanelle Austin PO BOX 11203, St. Paul, MN 55111 

One Million Donor Campaign

Support the George Floyd Global Memorial, an approved 501(c) (3), by being one of one million people to donate. 

As a community, we are building our own institution from the ground up to tell our own stories. In doing so, we push against the constructs of racism that have historically denied BIPOC communities control of their own narratives. Over 5000 offerings of street art, drawings by children, protest signs, rocks, letters, paintings, flowers, and meaningful gifts transformed this intersection into a sacred site. People all over the world built the memorial, and we welcome everyone to support our preservation of history and storytelling in this unprecedented way.

Our work thus far has been funded by individual donors and the blood, sweat, and good heart of Community members at 38th and Chicago. We are a small but mighty non-profit, growing because of the generosity and support of individual donors, and those who care about our Mission. 

Photo Credit: David Samuels

The George Floyd Global Memorial houses an estimated 5,000 offerings that have been laid by protestors from around the world at the sacred site of George Floyd Square (GFS). We are working to preserve the offerings with appropriate conservation treatment. Conservation treatment is a delicate and timely process that typically requires the experience of an art conservator.  Our goal is to preserve the offerings to maintain our cultural integrity and story. The work of conservation is an essential part of cultural heritage preservation.

We need your help to tell our story to future generations. Your sponsorship of an offering will ensure that it  can be professionally examined and treated.  We invite you to help preserve the memorial with our community.

Your donation directly supports the George Floyd Global Memorial and our work to preserve art and educate the next generation to tell our collective story:

$49/month pays for the preservation treatment of a an offering.

$400 allows a class of students to take a pilgrimage journey through George Floyd Square.

$4000 provides one youth with a paid summer Cultural Heritage Preseration Internship experience.