Rise & Remember exists to remember those who have been lost unjustly and to gather people together to rise to the occasion to pursue racial justice. Our vision is to host an annual global festival that fosters community and builds racial equity.

The George Floyd Global Memorial (GFGM) and the community at George Floyd Square will host the 2nd Annual Rise & Remember celebration at 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis, MN from May 25-28, 2022. This event commemorates the 2nd Angelversary of the death of George Floyd and honors impacted families of police violence. This year, the theme is "We Will Heal Us." The event centers the family of George "Perry" Floyd, families impacted by injustice, and the value of people having the power to heal each other in community.

Your sponsorship or community partnership will help the George Floyd Global Memorial and the people who are coming from across the nation to remember those we have lost and create new paths toward racial justice and healing. Through art, wellness practitioners, sports, storytelling, food, community based organizations, and remembrance rituals, Rise and Remember gathers people at the epicenter of the largest social movement on record to provide tools and resources that will help people channel the power of remembrance into forward insights and ideas for nurturing racial justice and the healing power of community.

George Floyd changed the world. Rise and Remember helps us chart a path to stay changed.



The Rise and Remember festival creates space for people to engage, learn, and grow in community with joy. This event features local vendors, black-owned food trucks and restaurants, and a free concert to bring together local and national talent. In 2021, Maria Isa, Sounds of Blackness, and Common all graced our stage.

May 28, 2022 Festival Schedule

9:00 AM - Kids Sports Activities with Howard University and Heritage Sports.

12:00 PM - Live stream broadcast with Georgia Fort.

1:00 PM - Live performances from the People's Stage, Self-Care Fair, Kids Zone, Food Trucks, Vendors, and more!

5:00 PM - Musical concert featuring the South African group 29:11 and top local talent from the Minnesota Chorale and Minnesota Orchestra performing Joel Thompson's "Seven Last Words of the Unarmed."

By sponsoring the festival, you will provide reprieve for families impacted by injustice, support local black-owned businesses, and give people access to a pathway to pursue racial justice through art and the practice of collective remembrance.


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The George Floyd Global Memorial will host its first gala during Rise and Remember 2022. We are expanding our relationships as we grow, and we want to be in relationship with you.

Since the 2020 Uprising, the George Floyd Global Memorial has conserved and preserved over 5,000 offerings laid at the memorial to George Floyd. This cultural heritage preservation work is not only important to tell the story for generations to come but to bring racial equity to the industry. There is an estimation of 4.4% of archivist across the nation who identify as Black. Furthermore, there are less than 20 Black art conservators nation-wide. The George Floyd Global Memorial seeks to use our unique position to create change.

In addition to the rememory experience we will exhibit through the offerings, we seek to provide: 1) Guided pilgrimage journey through George Floyd Square that will employ and empower local community members to tell their own story with dignity. 2) Internships for black youth that will expose them to the cultural heritage preservation industry through a story they helped create. 3) A center for black art conservation that will specialize in protest art and provide fellowships for budding black art conservators. 4) The annual experience of Rise and Remember. 5) Traveling exhibits to allow the stories to go to people who cannot come to Minnesota. Because this is the memorial that the people built, we are committed to our exhibits being no-cost to the public.

Your contribution will help us achieve the following:

  • Provide art conservation treatment for the existing offerings.

  • Hire an executive leadership team.

  • Launch a new center for black art conservation.

  • Build racial equity within the cultural heritage preservation industry.

  • Establish a permanent home for the George Floyd Global Memorial.

  • Create new jobs within the local Minneapolis economy.

For a minimum donation of $5,000, you will receive a reserved table at the gala in addition to the benefits of the Black, Red, or Global Sponsor Level benefits outlined below, respective to the level of your donation.


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Candlelight vigils are healing. On May 25, 2022 from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM the George Floyd Global Memorial will host its annual candlelight vigil to remember George Floyd on the day he took his last breath. We create candlelight vigils as sacred moments of remembrance that help people center themselves, reflect, and find solace in community. The act of lighting a candle is an act of solidarity. In 2021, we lit over 600 LED candles, which allowed hundreds of people to participate in a collective act of remembrance.

Your sponsorship will allow people to engage a healing experience that centers black voices and the family of George Floyd. Funding will go toward the purchase of over 500 candles to serve as tributes to victims from Impacted Families and provide an honorarium for George Floyd Square memorial caretakers planning the experience.


Photo courtesy of Drew Arrieta


Families impacted by police violence (Impacted Families) matter. Their loss is great, and many are still fighting for justice. For this reason, the George Floyd Global Memorial centers Impacted Families as our VIP guests.

This year, Families Supporting Families Against Police Violence will host Night of Honor: Impacted Families Honoring the Movement and the People's Stage at the festival. The families are extremely grateful for the people who have walked with and fought alongside them.

Your sponsorship will

  • Cover costs for community information tables for Impacted Families.

  • Provide a VIP experience for Impacted Families.

  • Reduce the expense of the Night of Honor so families can thank their community of supporters.

  • Support travel expenses for families who desire to attend but have economic hardship.


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Donate $25,000 or more to become a Global Sponsor.

Festival/Impacted Families/Candlelight Vigil Sponsorship

  • Acknowledgement During Concert

  • Full Page on Event Program

  • Logo on Stage Banner

  • Logo on GFGM Website

Gala Sponsorship

  • Acknowledgement During Gala & Festival Concert

  • Logo on Festival Stage Banner

  • Logo on Auction Page

  • Logo on GFGM Website

  • 1 Table (10 Tickets) at the GFGM Gala


Donate $10,000-$24,999 to become a Red Level Sponsor.

Festival/Impacted Families/Candlelight Vigil Sponsorship

  • Half Page on Event Program

  • Logo on Stage Banner

  • Logo on GFGM Website

Gala Sponsorship

  • Logo on Festival Stage Banner

  • Logo on Auction Page

  • Logo on GFGM Website

  • 1 Table (10 Tickets) at the GFGM Gala


Donate $5,000-$9,999 to become a Black Level Sponsor.

Festival/Impacted Families/Candlelight Vigil Sponsorship

  • Quarter Page on Event Program

  • Logo on Stage Banner

  • Logo on GFGM Website

Gala Sponsorship

  • Logo on Festival Stage Banner

  • Logo on GFGM Website

  • 1 Table (10 Tickets) at the GFGM Gala


Donate $2,500-$4,999 to become a Green Level Sponsor.

  • Logo on Event Program

  • Logo on Stage Banner

  • Logo on GFGM Website


Donate up to $2,499 or provide an in-kind donation for the event to become a Boots on the Ground Sponsor. GFGM appreciates every gift that a company or organization brings as a community offering. All gifts (financial or in-kind) will receive the following acknowledgments:

  • Logo on Stage Banner

  • Logo on GFGM Website

If you plan to give an in-kind donation, we will work with you to ensure that your donation fits the need.



The George Floyd Global Memorial is an approved non-profit organization with payment processing set up through OneCause. You may send sponsorships directly through OneCause by clicking the link below.

GFGM OneCause


Please make checks payable to George Floyd Global Memorial.

Memo: Rise and Remember

Mailing Address:
George Floyd Global Memorial
3501 Chicago Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55407


If your company has a designated portal that requires registration from the George Floyd Global Memorial, please contact Jeanelle Austin, Executive Director, at jeanelle@gfgmemorial.org. We are an approved 501(c)3 tax exempt organization since October 2020.

George Floyd Global Memorial
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Company Email: Welcome@georgefloydglobalmemorial.org

Mailing Address:

George Floyd Global Memorial
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