George Floyd Global Memorial


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George Floyd Global Memorial (GFGM) and the community at George Floyd Square will host their 3rd Annual Rise & Remember celebration at George Floyd Square and other various locations in MN. This years theme will be:

Ubuntu: Make the Impossible, Possible

Our annual three day event, Rise & Remember, exists to hold in remembrance George Floyd and those we have lost unjustly to the pervasive impacts of systemic racism. During the three-day event, activities will focus on education, empowerment, healing, celebration, and our collective pursuit for racial justice and equity. Throughout Rise & Remember, we will host a two-day conference, a candlelight vigil, a gala, and a festival. Our vision is to inspire people to rise to the occasion and come together in community to pursue racial justice and equity.

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A Living Memorial

On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd was murdered at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department at the intersection of 38th Street E and Chicago Avenue S. The footage of his death sparked global protests, calls for justice, and a need for collective grieving. George's death inspired the world to stand in solidarity for racial justice and spotlighted the pervasive impacts of systemic racism. We do not intend to let this moment pass us by

At the intersection of 38th Street E and Chicago Avenue S in Minneapolis, MN remains a community of a people who are taking back their power -- the power our governing systems have historically tried to take away. This location serves as a place of healing, grieving, reflecting, empowerment, and planning. This location is what we call George Floyd Square.

As people from all over the world have come to George Floyd Square, many have left offerings. These offerings are preserved by us at GFGM as creative expressions of collective pain, trauma, grief, and hope. Every offering is received and actively taken care of by local community members with support from local organizations like the Pillsbury House and Theater and the Midwest Art Conservation Center. 

The George Floyd Global Memorial was established to bring together members of George Floyd's family, the local community, and the world to demand and pursue justice. Our work ensures that the stories of the community are told within their original narratives, and used as educational resources for generations to come. The George Floyd Global Memorial is and will continue to be a living memorial that inspires all people to pursue justice.

Photo Credit: Ali Tennant

Wherever you may be in the world

You can be part of our story. Bring an offering in person, or send your expressions virtually by tagging @gfgmemorial on social media. 

Additionally, donations to the George Floyd Global Memorial go directly to the care, conservation, and preservation of the offerings left by the community visitors to the physical space at the George Floyd Global Memorial in Minneapolis, MN, as well as our plans for a permanent home. Thank you for joining us in our mission. 

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Suggestions for people around the world:

Image of signs posted at George Floyd Square in Spanish "Las Vidas Negras Importan." "Tu lucha es mi lucha."
Photos by Ron Johnson and Maya Washington
The Free State of George Floyd.mp4

Video: The Free State of George Floyd  produced by Arizona State University's Center for Work and Democracy, FLOWSTATE Films and The Community at 38th & Chicago.