On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was murdered at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department. The video footage that captured his death sparked global outrage, protests, calls for justice, and outpourings of grief.

At the intersection of 38th Street E and Chicago Avenue S in Minneapolis, MN, people come from all over the world to stand in solidarity for racial justice, express their pain and hope, and pay respect to the names of people who died unjust deaths. These offerings continue to be received and tended to by local community members (caretakers) with support from local organizations like the Pillsbury House and Theater and the Midwest Art Concervation Center.

The George Floyd Global Memorial is established to bring together members of George Floyd's family and the local community to preserve these creative expressions of pain and hope of the people for the people. Our work is to ensure that the stories of the community are told and used as educational resources for generations to come. The George Floyd Global Memorial is and will continue to be a living memorial that inspires all people to pursue justice.

Mission & Vision

We exist to conserve stories of resistance to racial injustice and to curate spaces for all people to grieve, pay respect, and be a voice for justice.

Our vision is to bring community development in Minneapolis and inspire people to pursue racial justice around the world.

One Million Donors Campaign

Support the George Floyd Global Memorial by being one of one million people to donate. As a community, we are building our own institution from the ground up to tell our own stories. In doing so, we push against the constructs of racism that have historically denied BIPOC communities control of their own narratives. Over 2500 offerings of street art, drawings by children, protest signs, rocks, letters, paintings, flowers, and meaningful gifts transformed this intersection into a sacred site. People all over the world built the memorial, and we welcome everyone to support our preservation of history and storytelling in this unprecedented way.

New Fellowship in Racial Justice Collections Care

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS! The Midwest Art Conservation Center (MACC) is partnering with the George Floyd Global Memorial to offer a new Fellowship in Racial Justice Collections Care. This is a 12-week, full-time position in Minneapolis with a stipend of $11,000 to begin in January of 2021.



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